Downloading P.T. Using a Macintosh

Before you start reading this, please be aware that this will ONLY work if you have previously purchased P.T. on PSN!

Working as of 9/24/2017.

Konami, why do you do these things? I didn't get myself a PlayStation 4 until 2016, but being a fan of Kojima and Silent Hill I was very aware of PT. When they made the announcement that it was being removed from PSN, I quickly went and "purchased" the game and felt pretty clever with myself. Then word started getting out that the game was being removed so thoroughly that you couldn't even redownload it.

After some time, a method surfaced for redownloading the game using a proxy server. All credit goes to Orangpelupa, because I'm basically just modifying his work for OS X.

I have dual booting set up on a late 2008 MacBook, but from poking around in the information that Orangelupa provided I figured that there was no reason this couldn't work natively in OS X, and I was right. Too often the reply for Mac users is "just dual boot Windows or install a VM," but this is frequently unneccessary. All that needed to be done to run this was a few modifications of Orangelupa's squid template providing instructions for how the proxy server handles the request from the PS4. I'm not sure if these were errors in how it was originally written or if squid had just changed how it handled commands since he released the tool.

Because I've never messed with proxy servers a whole lot before, I'm going to make notes about my set up and some things I've noticed that vary from Orangelupa's tutorial. This was done with a mid-2012 MacBook Pro running 10.12.3. The MacBook was connected to WiFi and the PS4 was connected by ethernet to my router.

Here's what you need

No, really, that's it.

Download SquidMan and install it. Now, we're going to put in a template that will configure everything for you.

Open SquidMan, go up to the menu bar and select preferences, then go to template. Paste in the template from here. Alternately, right click and save as from here. Once you have the template pasted, start SquidMan. SquidMan needs to stay running throughout the download process since this is what's re-routing the traffic from the PS4.

Next, open up Terminal and run this command:

ifconfig |grep inet

This is going to give you a list of IP addresses. You can get your IP address from your router or anywhere else too, but I like using the Terminal and so should you (side note: I also like calling it a Macintosh). It's the quickest way to interact with your computer and perform a lot of actions. You'll get a variety of addresses back. You're going to look for one after a text string that says "inet." It should be 192.168.X.X, where the Xs are actual numbers and not just Xs.

From here, you're just following Orangelupa's instructions:

On PS4:
1. Go to NETWORK settings > Set up Internet Connection -> use LAN/WiFi > Custom > Automatic > Do not specify > Automatic > Automatic.
2. Now you are on PROXY screen, choose USE and type your proxy IP address with PORT 808.
3. Complete the network setting.

Download P.T. (Silent Hills) on PS4:
1. Go to DOWNLOAD notification.
2. If P.T. download error was there, press OPTIONS then DELETE (if its not there, you are OK).
3. Go to LIBRARY.
4. Choose P.T.

One note about these instructions: I couldn't get this to work with my PS4 set to port 808. It only worked for me if I used the port that the PS4 defaults to, which is 8080.

Alright Macintosh users, there you go. No more going to the extreme measure of dual booting or using a VM for a download. This is a really fantastic game, and I hope this helps someone play it.

Obligatory picture of my download screen, I was pretty excited: