PS3 CFW Remote Play Compatibility List

Remote play is one of my favorite features of the PlayStation Vita. It started with the PS3 and PSP and... it really didn't work very well at all. It was hardly supported and the games that did support it weren't anything to write home about. It was a little laggy and since the PS3 was encoding the video on the fly, pretty macroblocked and blurry. Some games worked better than others.

One of the interesting things about a CFW PS3 is that remote play can be enabled in games that otherwise don't support it. My initial assumption of this was that it would likely be even worse than the games that officially support remote play. Surprisingly enough, the games I've tried so far actually seem to work better than the games with official support.

There isn't a good compatibility list that I've found, so I thought I'd make a list of what I've tested myself. The best way I have found so far to see what works for unofficial remote play is to search YouTube. There are a lot of videos of people trying various games. Most forum threads on the topic are outdated and don't provide much info.

All the games on this list are being tested with a PlayStation Vita on OFW connected to the PS3 via private network (direct connection). Games are installed to the PS3 internal HDD. I recommend setting your Vita control scheme to Type 3 to map L2/L3/R2/R3 to the rear touchpad.

Game Working Code Software Notes
3D Dot Game Heroes YES BLUS-30490 Rebug 4.81.2/Multiman v04.82.00 Perfect!
Bionic Commando Rearmed YES PSN Download Officially Supported Probably the worst officially supported game.
Poor image quality, lots of macroblocking.
Very laggy, controls somewhat unresponsive.
Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition NO BLES-01765 Rebug 4.81.2/Multiman v04.82.00 System freeze when game boots.
inFAMOUS YES BCUS-98119 Rebug 4.81.2/Multiman v04.82.00 Pretty damn good, image is a bit blurry.
Mortal Kombat: Komplete Edition YES BLUS-30902 Rebug 4.81.2/Multiman v04.82.00 Works fantastic, buttons are very responsive.
Occasionally stutters with a lot of action on screen,
not game breaking though.
No More Heroes: Heroes' Paradise NO BLUS-30652 Rebug 4.81.2/Multiman v04.82.00 Game loads in windowed mode. Can't start game,
doesn't recognize Vita as a controller.
Resistance: Fall of Man YES BCUS-98107 Rebug 4.81.2/Multiman v04.82.00 Perfect!
Tokyo Jungle YES PSN Download Officially Supported Perfect!
Yakuza 3 YES BLUS-30494 Rebug 4.81.2/Multiman v04.82.00 Seems to work perfect. I didn't play this much
other than to test it as I haven't yet played the
earlier entries.