Wow, yet another Dreamcast ripping project. How special. But what about ReviveDC? You surely ask yourself. Well, it was just sort of an inconsistent mess. I debated trying to fix a lot of those rips. In the end I thought that starting over clean was a better idea. There needed to be a new philosophy. I needed to focus on the games. All of the games. Doing the artwork and everything for ReviveDC was just hampering what could be done. There's not high resolution assets for a lot of games. So, NoBS-DC is just a game and an NFO file. That's all you need.

The Ripping

Here's the ideas behind the rips:

General FAQ

Where do I get NoBS-DC rips? They're out there. The most reliable spot is a private tracker. I'm hoping they trickle out from there.

What is the release schedule? Whenever. It's just me doing this and I didn't want to impose any deadlines on myself. I've been on a bit of an unplanned hiatus.

Where can we chat? #NoBS-DC