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A personal homepage? How 90s. Yet, there's something fun about it. The internet used to be ruled by the people.

Now it has become a second TV. A one way content delivery system. There's no personality. We use the internet for video content.

I've had a blog, which I never fully enjoyed. I considered starting a YouTube channel or a podcast.

Everyone does that, though. You have to follow trends to break out there. People expect a certain format

This doesn't have to be anything though, it's my personal page. I can talk about whatever and post whatever.

Sure, you've got to use your brain and read but it's more rewarding that way.

That said, the primary focus of this page is going to be gaming related.

Expect to see a lot of unfinished stuff for a while. I'll have to dig out some old "under construction" GIFs.

Recent Updates

July 29th, 2018: I sold my soul to YouTube. That doesn't mean this site is dead, though!

April 27th, 2018: Week 2 of Japanese learning log added.

April 7th, 2018: Review of a Chinese Super Everdrive flashcard clone

March 20th, 2018: Adding a 4TB HDD to a PS4

March 11th, 2018: Review of various Innovation accessories for PSX. Includes the dual shock light gun, AV breakout, mouse and system link cable.

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