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Holy fuck, it's back.

Yeah, it's happening. Work is slowing down so it's time to do stupid shit like set up SheepShaver and install OS9 and look at the original The Lost World website in Internet Explorer 4.5 because I'm too lazy to set up my G4 MDD and re-install OS9 for such a stupid endeavor.

I guess updating my website is semi-productive.

We'll be light on content for a minute while I go back and clean up my disastrous HTML and CSS. Thank you for your patience. Also, I'm getting rid of fancy CSS buttons and shit. Those are dumb.

The Updates:





Past Updates

You probably shouldn't view this page on mobile, because my crappy HTML/CSS will probably make it look bad. Please experience this site sitting alone in front of the glow of a computer monitor - CRT, if you've got one.